Facebook Ads

We help companies get instant Sales with Facebook Ads

We create reliable, consistent and affordable streams of qualified traffic to grow predictably
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Having Years of Experience with FB Ads

We can help you achieve

Stop walking and start running towards your 1st $ Million Goal

We prioritize your ROI and get you Sales without burning your Marketing budget

Capture Qualified Leads that convert better without wasting time on disinterested ``leads``

Are your marketing efforts going in vain?

Start Getting Results From Your Marketing Efforts

Who We Can Help

Any company with a great product but no Sales

Since years we have come across many bright founders who have amazing products but they just don’t know how to generate Sales


1. Lookalike Ads – We use LaL Ads and provide Facebook with reliable Data points to observe patterns and create a pool of audiences that is more likely to buy our product. This is the strongest feature of Facebook Ads and we use it heavily for selling B2B products on Facebook

2. Dynamic Ads – We use Dynamic Ads to reach out to the previously engaged audiences. This reduces the cost and provides high conversion rates.

3. Lead Gen Ads – We use Lead Generation Ads to find qualified Leads for companies that are looking to find Leads and close them with the help of an Inside Sales Team via Calls or through Email

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How We Can Help

We follow a Process to successfully run Facebook Ads

We use methods that we have learnt after spending thousands of our own dollars and we will help you with our experience

We sit down and figure with you if you are creating a specific solution for a specific person and then we create a messaging that resonates with your audience

We then start quickly testing what works and what doesn't before we start investing time and resources in a certain direction

Based on our learning from the experiment, we help you optimize the landing page for better conversions

Now when we have figured our sweet spot, we start running Conversion Campaigns and drive gradual results

scaling sales volumes

It takes Facebook some time to learn more about your preferred audience. We start giving better data to Facebook and start scaling your Sales

drive organic traffic

Once we have got it figured we monitor and maintain your Ads, create new Ads to replace decaying Ads and keep the pace going up and up

Why We Can Help


We had a privilege to work with these amazing companies, the more companies we work with the more we learn about common difficulties and their solutions