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Our Strategic Approach To Climb The Google Mountain


We start by understanding your business, your competitors, your niche. We need to understand what works for your business and how much traffic you will need to make real profit and plan our campaign.

keyword research

We research long-tail profitable keywords. This helps rank your website quickly and starts an inflow of relevant traffic to your website. A good research lays the foundation of how your SEO will perform.


On Page SEO forms the most crucial part of our SEO strategy and we spend a major amount of time auditing & fixing the issues, creating the right link structure, page speed and SEO copywriting

Back Link Building

We only build links from relevant and high authority websites and make sure they do not appear unnatural to search engines. We handle the outreach with bloggers & webmasters and build backlinks candidly.

Content Marketing for small businesses

We build your content strategy, produce high quality content and distribute & promote the content for you. This doesn't just boost your Blog traffic but also improves the rankings of your targeted pages

Rank Tracking

We keep a track of your different keywords and their ranking on Google in real-time. We put in a lot of efforts in different ways to improve the rankings while your keyword travels from the 10th page to the 1st.

organic seo services

On-Page Optimisation

Making it easy for Google to understand your website is the most important part. As part of our SEO expert services, we do this by optimizing several elements of your website.


This includes SEO copywriting of title and body, creating SEO friendly URLs, optimising images with Alt tags, creating a strong Link structure, improving the Page speed, deleting dead-weight pages, identifying crawl errors, optimizing Sitemap, fixing broken links on the website, sprinkling LSI keywords all over the page, improving page experience to lower Bounce rate and so much more.

Increase CTR by 1% through SEO Copywriting
Achieve a Bounce Rate below 30%
Increase organic traffic by 120%

Link Building

Backlinks are a way for Google to count the votes your website has. But they don’t want you to “build” backlinks, it manipulates their ranking system. Which is why we create almost natural backlinks that are super relevant and have high-authority sources.


As part of our backlink efforts:

We will disavow the toxic backlinks that are pulling you down, handle outreach with bloggers to create backlinks, do guest posts on relevant websites, submit your website on legit listicles, create backlinks on broken links, skyscraper technique and more.

organic seo services
organic seo services

Content Marketing

You must have heard “Content is the King”, it’s because Google appreciates websites delivering real value in the form of content and it rewards websites by ranking them higher.


1. The most important part of our content marketing services is our content strategy that we have created after working for numerous clients and it has never failed us.


2. Once a plan is in place, we create in-depth and valuable content that is not only loved by search engines but actually loved by the people reading it. Visitors stay longer on your blog, this reduces the bounce rate.


3. Because we have produced high quality content, we aggressively promote such articles all over the web to attract maximum audiences and natural backlinks.

Successful Projects
Years of industry experience
What our SEO service can do for your business?
google ranking

1st Page

Rank on Google

We have almost always been successful in doing this. No one can promise 1st page ranking but our success rate has been high (no bragging)

web traffic from SEO

250% Increase

In Blog Traffic

Our content marketing has helped most of our clients achieve a significant growth in their Blog traffic and has established them as a thought leader.

organic traffic from SEO

120% Increase

In Organic Traffic

We understand things from Google's point of view and so we can say, we will get you ranked for profitable keywords that bring you sales. Period.

Frequently Unanswered Questions

Q. Can you guarantee 1st page rank on Google?

No, nobody can. But we can try and most of our attempts have resulted in a 1st page ranking.

Q. Do you do Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO?

We don’t do any black hat practices. We believe if you want to benefit from Google, better play by their rules.

Q. How long does it take to see results?

It can take anywhere between 2 months to 6 months depending upon how competitive your niche is.

Q. Do you also build/edit Websites?

Yes, if we have control of the website, it makes it easier for us to make the website SEO and conversion friendly.

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We provide organic SEO services to small businesses (SaaS, Ecommerce or just businesses that are looking to generate leads from Google). Let’s get you ranked. SEO takes time, sooner we begin, sooner the results