Ecommerce Marketing Agency

We help Ecommerce founders scale their volumes to reach $1M in Sales

Our team of experts know exactly how to sell your products
We have domain expertise in each of our marketing channels and we pick them really carefully

Our 3 main Marketing Channels for Ecommerce are

facebook ads for e-commerce

Facebook is still the most reliable social network with maximum engagement. If you have an E-commerce website Facebook is going to be really helpful.

instagram ads for e-commerce

If you are selling B2C products to a younger audience, Instagram isn't only the next best thing, it is highly affordable too.

Minimal icon representing Google

If you are selling a Niche product, I would highly recommend choosing SEO over many other paid channels. Because hey it works !!

Google analytics dashboard displaying various metric
We understand your Business

We help you find the right Niche for your business, create a Messaging that resonates with your Audience, help you structure a solution that’s appealing to your Audience

We then help you better offer your product to your audiences so that they buy.

Finding right Audience
Creating an Offer
Creating a Messaging that converts
We start Driving Traffic to your Website

We start sending traffic to your website through different marketing channels. We use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to generate quick results and SEO for long term sustainable results.

The conversion from the traffic requires testing and experimentation. It has a steep learning curve and takes time to stabilize and become scalable

Ecommerce Founders Helped
Highest ROAS Reached
Bar graph, pie chart and traffic graph for demonstration purpose
Group of 3 women carrying bags and credit card for shopping
We make sure that traffic converts into Sales

We help you create high converting pages that convert the traffic buyers. 

We help you present products in a way that steals attention. The idea is to not just have a mechanical website but to attract your audience. This process starts giving your better results from the same pool of visitors

3% + CTR
14% + Click to Add to Cart
5% + Click to Sales
What we can help you achieve?
conversion rate optimization

2.5x Increase In

Conversion Rate

Convert more visitors into paying customers without losing potential audiences

low cost of acqusition

50% Less

Acquisition Cost

Get more Sales in the same marketing budget which remarkably reduces your CoC


5x Increase


ROI prioritized Sales that provides results without burning your marketing budget

Frequently Unanswered Questions

Q. Why Marketive and not any other Digital Marketing Agency?

Unlike most digital marketing agencies, we perform direct response marketing and aim at producing instant results which is ideal for scaling small businesses.

Q. How can I start working with Marketive?

We provide both Done-With-You and Done-For-You services. Just book for a Free Consultation to get started.

Q. How long does it take to see results?

With Facebook Ads you can see the results almost instantaneously

Q. What channels would you use to market our website?

We use Facebook Ads to provide instant results and Search Engine Optimization for long term sustainable growth

Q. Do you also build Websites?

Yes we do build Conversion optimized websites that are proven to provide results

Q. What would be the monthly expense I should be expecting?

It completely depends upon your niche, what stage you are at currently and where do you want to be

Q. What results will I actually get from this?

Our main aim would be to scale Sales volumes and maximize the ROI.

Are your marketing efforts going in vain?

Start Getting Results From Your Marketing Efforts


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We provide marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media. We work with you, not for you. We are on a mission to build, grow and maintain loyal communities.