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Baron and Bay is a name that is associated with premium quality leather shoes since 1969. The company sells its products directly to the customers online with the aim of eliminating unnecessary costs that add up to the cost of the final product. These include the cost of the retail store and that of the middlemen. They are known for using the finest quality leather from across the world.

Task -

Facebook Advertisement

The Problem

Since the company is a premium shoe seller, it was not easy for them to find their potential customers on Facebook. This directly affected their cost per purchase that went quite high. So the main problem was getting multiple orders in a day and the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was low (averaged approximately 3). The company was therefore looking to achieve an ROAS above 4.5 which would mean profit to them.

Facebook Ads

The Outcome

When we began, we set few clear goals about finding the right audience and the ROAS. The ROAS ladder looked something like this since we started — 3.5 for the first month, 4 for the second month that would subsequently go up to 5 by the end of six months. Since the company was advertising on Facebook for a fairly long time, they had collected important customer data through their pixel, which we used to our advantage. We created Custom Audiences and also created LAL from them.

To begin with, we started with 1% LAL of the seed data and we received a solid 4+ ROAS on those audiences. So we started split testing a combination of the proven audiences with different Ads and started scaling the number of sales/day.

Another challenge that we faced, was to let the audience know (using the creative and advertisements) that the brand was dealing in products that were meant for premium buyers.

We ran Carousel Ads since they perform really well for E-commerce businesses. We optimized the Ads for conversion — the bestselling shoes were used for the purpose of display, headlines were intriguing, Ad Copy would grab anyone’s attention but engage only the interested ones. Different permutations and combinations were tried until there was the best combination of the perfect headline with a suitable Ad image. When we discovered the best, we eliminated the low performing Ad set and Ads.

Soon we ramped up up the 1 – 2 orders/day to 4 – 5 orders/day within the 1st quarter by still maintaining the ROI.

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