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CompanyHub is one of the Top 10 CRMs in the market. The guys at CompanyHub have made a CRM that is as easy to use as Excel. It is a fully jacked machine that handles important sales processes like bulk mail, contact management, sales automation, powerful reporting and a lot more. It is strategically made for sales teams that hate using CRMs and offers advanced customization with just a basic drag and drop.

Task -

Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Advertisement

Google Analytics Screens

The Problem -

CompanyHub was a new CRM in the market. They were sure about the quality of their software but didn’t really know how to sell it. They tried running Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Quora Ads also spent decent time on cold email marketing but only ended up exhausting few thousands of dollars, eventually getting nowhere.

They moved their focus from the developing markets to the developed. They did multiple experiments with the pricing. They doubted their product market-fit. The founder tried hard but it’s tough to recognize the real victim and execute a remedy. The underlying problem was it was tough to recognize THE ONE powerful channel they could grow with.

Facebook Ads

The Outcome -

We began by 3 major steps:

Step 1. We had to fix the basic things in the business model with the CompanyHub team. We brainstormed with the founder to find out who their ideal customer was and their value proposition for that customer.

We then created a meaningful offer for the audience and created a messaging that resonates with that audience. Only once we were sure about what we were selling and to whom, we proceeded with marketing efforts.

Step 2. We began with SEO. The reason behind that is SEO takes time to show results, so it’s always a good idea to optimize your website with your targeted keywords so they can start climbing the Google ladder early.

This parallely gave their tech team time to stress test their software before starting with paid channels.

Within 4 months, CompanyHub was ranking for 3 important keywords on the 1st page. The volumes were mediocre but these keywords were bringing in targeted people with buyer intent.

Step 3. Once they were sure about the software stability, we worked with CompanyHub to create a high converting landing page that was going to give them a Visit to Sign Up conversion of 10% 🤑

Once the landing page was ready, we began Facebook Ads for them. It started slow as expected. Basically the results were disappointing yet pointing us to all the flaws that weren’t so obvious.

We found a high converting Ad Graphic after multiple split tests. We had to improve the onboarding process. Their team was resourceful, they smartly used their sales team to convert the leads.

We ran the Ads to a variety of audiences to find the best fit. We had to find our pitch, a pitch that the audience could relate to.

Gradually we put all the pieces together to solve the puzzle and scaled their Sales with the simplest Funnel – Sell at First touch.

CompanyHub is expected to reach 1M in ARR very soon.

We were a catalyst but if it wasn’t for their team that built an amazing CRM backed by a founder with inspiring business sense and commitment. None of this would have happened.

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