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Guru Nanak Institute of Management is rated among some of the top class, prestigious educational institutions in Mumbai. The institute works towards the goal of imparting the best quality education to the students in the field of management studies. It was established in the year 2002 by Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee and has been working towards achieving its goal relentlessly ever since.

Task -
Facebook Advertisement and Website Developement

Website Screens

The Problem -

The management institute offers a wide range of courses and wanted to boost up the admissions for some of its popular courses namely eMBA, Diploma in Sports Management, part-time MBA and PGDM in banking and finance. To put it in numbers, the client aimed at achieving 250 to 500 potential leads per month for each of these courses. Basically the client wanted to directly reach out to potential candidates, connect with them, get more admissions at a lower acquisition cost and all this at scale.

Facebook Ads

The Outcome -

The institute wanted to target young people, most of whom spend a major percentage of their time on social media, we decided to use Facebook Ads as our main channel. We aimed at students who were within the age brackets of 20 and 25 plus the ones who had recently graduated from some of the recognized universities around. Since the institute is based out of Mumbai, we first started to target the students residing in and around Mumbai only.

The creative used by us resulted in an average CTR of 1.12% which is decent when you run straight forward selling Ads and the cost per lead settled between INR 200 to INR 350 or $2.90 to $5.07.

After much analysis and market study, using our creativity and graphic designing skills, we came up with an Ad creative; copy and heading that just fit right, received engagement and pitched the clear aim of promoting the courses to the students. In the process, we split tested a number of creative, copies and headlines to find consistency in results.

Post this; we also initiated a campaign using one of our best creative which was created by making use of the users who had submitted leads recently in the past 30 days.

Soon enough we were hitting 1000+ leads over a period of 2 months, with a CPL of $2.07 and a lead to purchase conversion of 8%

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