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Beyond Entrepreneurs is a business Cash-Flow & Investing e-learning course. The course empowers you to become an “Entrepreneur-Investor. Basically it teaches you, strategies to create more cash flow in your business, risk-reward trades, safe cash-flowing investments, how to protect yourself against a recession, when and how to rebalance your portfolio and a lot more.

Task -

Sales Funnel Development and Marketing

Website Screens

Before Marketive:

Beyond Entrepreneurs had an engaged set of micro community and few customers that were subscribed to their signature program. They were acquiring their customers via Email marketing and were sending them to a landing page to have them subscribed to their main offer. They wanted to create a professional website and set up a sales funnel to manage and streamline the customer journey and experience so they could sit back and focus on the course content and automate their marketing. That’s where we came in..

Funnel Strategy

After Marketive:

1. Strategy – The founders of Beyond Entrepreneurs were 2 amazing entrepreneurs who were resourceful and had a lot of potential. We exactly understood what they needed with few strategy calls and collaboratively we designed a funnel map that suited their business model. They needed a custom designed funnel and retrieve and own the data, so we ruled ClickFunnel out of picture and decided to create a completely custom funnel using focused softwares.

2. Setup the course –  We set up the course using Learndash and created the member area using MemberPress plugin. Fromm experience we have seen LearnDash and MemberPress play really well together. MemberPress is the connecting piece which links Stripe to process, track payment history and view details of the member plan, all in a single dashboard! Easy, peasy.

3. Website Development – We used Astra, which is the fastest WordPress theme with Elementor to create their mobile responsive website and Membership lander. We then worked on optimizing the website for conversions, so that we don’t just build a pretty website – but a website that actually sells!

4. Landing pages – Created 3 landing pages: An opt-in page with an exciting giveaway, 1 for tripwire and for the their signature program. Phew!

5. Email List Migration – We migrated the email list from MailChimp to MooSend for centralizing Email Automation and Newsletter within one software. Created a newsletter template in MooSend and cleaned the email list to improve email deliverability.

6. Email Marketing Automation Set-up – We set up email automation funnels via MooSend. They had some amazing recipes which made it easy to create extremely advanced sequences.

7. Integration – We integrated the different pieces of the funnel with Zapier and tested the funnel. Once the pieces were set, it was time to set the funnel with paid traffic.

8. Facebook Ads –  We created some Engagement funnels to filter out interested traffic and then later offered them our tripwire to have them progress further in our funnel. We then had a solid Upsell funnel to provide more value to potential buyers and offer them our signature program.

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